Not yet another School Information System.

Majority on schools in Indonesia do not have a technology to make their school more efficient. We understand it, and we solve it. Mono Classroom gives a better system for school to be more transparent and lean.

Efficient and transparent system.
Mono Classroom can increase school efficiency. With efficient and transparent system, schools get more benefits.

Parent Notification

Afraid your students fake their score? No longer here.


Student end of year result that mimic eRapor system from Ministry of Education.

Assignment Tracking

Create, track and submit assignments with live notification.

LV (Live Video)

Open source WebRTC technology for class-like learning experience.

BAKSO (Bank Soal)

Question bank with easy create and share.

Teacher Management

Manage where to put your teacher in a room.

Room Management

Easy to manage room inventory system. Assign student and teacher to study into that room.

Student Management

Your students data in once place.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

BAKSO our proprietary online question bank. Built from scratch with security in mind.

8 out of 10 teachers say they do not want to repeatedly create a new question for each exam. That's why we have BAKSO where teachers can save their questions for later use. It works better when you share.

LV, a WebRTC live learning experience. Secure, stable and backed by open source WebRTC technology.

Sometimes students do not want to go to school They just want to relax and home and enjoy learning. We hear them. With live learning, students can learn in distance without loosing class-like experience.

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