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Mono Solution

Mono always gives the best solution for almost all human capital problems.

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Providing solutions are inside our DNA:  We are hungry for problems, and we always give the best solutions.

Better Education

Transparent and responsive education system.

Human Capital

Creating a better human capital in Indonesia.

Great Economy

With better education, we built great economy for the future.

From upstream to downstream. Every single problems will have roots. Our journey starts from Education and ends on Human Capital.

More About Us

Mono Classroom. Not yet another School Information System.

Majority on schools in Indonesia do not have a technology to make their school more efficient. We understand it, and we solve it. Mono Classroom gives a better system for school to be more transparent and lean.


Mono Workplace. All-in-one business suite for efficient workplace.

How to make a better workplace for employees? Make it more efficient and productive. Employees love their productive time. That's how we are going to solve workplace problems.


Have Problems?

Problems are not meant to be solved alone. Don't worry, we are here to give you the best solution ever.